Is it mean to leave before she wakes up? How would she feel?

My ex girlfriend and I get together once a week for dinner. We had a breakup with no fight, she was the one that ended it.

when we first broke up, I stayed out of touch with her for about a month, until I felt OK with talking to her. Messaged her and stopped to visit for a little while. After that, we got together for a movie a couple times and one evening we planned to watch a movie I surprised her by making dinner, my main reason was to be able to get out of a house full of my roommate and her friends.

after about a month, I invited her over for a night because I had a couple Christmas gifts for her, nothing huge. She stayed overnight, I didn't try anything with her though.

we have continued to get together overnight, though I go to her house as most of what we do is in her town, a 45 minute drive. I brought up the topic of friends with benefits, but we both have the same concern, and that is our feelings starting back up on one side but not the other. Turns out she had been thinking about it too.

i know I still have feelings for her, but there are a few things about her I don't want back.

we ended up spending 2 nights together the other night, she said something that bothered me, about her considering becoming sex buddies with someone she met once that constantly texts her asking her to. She had asked me if I had that chance what I would do, I was honest, said I couldn't do it with someone I don't know because of all the risks.

I I wasn't happy, think she's stupid for the thought plus a little jealous. Next morning I got up at about 7, had to work at 1, was originally going to leave at 11, but packed and left then instead. In the past I have always waited til she was up to say bye or left a note. I did neither this time, nor have I been in touch with her since, that was 3 days ago. I've never left someone like that. Makes me wonder what she is thinking or feeling, never happened to me either

When we have discussed any issues involving anything about seeing other people or our sex lives, I have always stayed cool with it. She asked me the question about having a sex buddy before telling me about her chance, I never pushed anything about friends with benefits, just asked once if she ever thought about it. Didn't discuss either one any further.

Left early to clear my mind and relax on my own bed before work, hoping I didn't upset her.


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  • I have a suspicion she suspected you would react as such. By doing so, I assume, you validated her skepticism over being a friend with benefits with you.