Guys, I imposed a break, now he won't speak to me. Have I crushed his ego?

My guy and I have been seeing each Other 8 months. We had an amazing six months to begin with and we fell in love. We have also had some very difficult life events happen over the last few months and he began to emotionally withdraw cutting me off for days at a time. I finally took a stand and imposed some space for us both to get some perspective. We have not spoken for a week and I left him a message to say hi and check in. He has not responded. He has a tendency to bury his head in the sand and not deal with difficult situations. I feel he may want to end it but is afraid to face me. How long should I give him and if he refuses to respond to calls can I end things by email? Or is that really awful. Having said all that I want us to work things out but only if the will is there on his side. Male opinions appreciated.


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  • I wouldn't talk to you again either