Am I paranoid or is he stringing me along?

Went out on a very nice first date with a guy I met from Tinder. As soon as we greeted each other, he went for a peck on the lips which I could tell he was attracted to me. Conversation flowed amazingly, we laughed, joked, he mentioned future plans together and what we should do. There were even moments of him just staring into my eyes like he's kinda smitten then I'd feel awkward and start talking about something. He also mentioned he wanted to see me on the weekend so he could spend more time with me. He also mentioned that he will be near my office the next day and would love to see me even if it's for a few minutes. He said he will text me when he's done with his meeting. So we end the night by making out for about 45 min until I sweetly push him off saying it's getting late. So he told me to text him when I got home and he'll text me tomorrow to meet up.

No texts the next day... but I got a "hey babe, how was your day?" two days later. He's not much of a texter and he does have a daughter who is almost 2 that he says when he has her, he's tied up. It's also the weekend and I haven't heard from him at all.

I know there was definite chemistry because neither of us wanted to end the date and I've heard that when a guy talks about a second date and makes plans, that probably means he's interested. Am I freaking out and over analyzing for no reason? Is he just busy with his daughter and his demanding job and I need to chill out or should I just move on to the next? Our first date was 5 days ago...


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  • dont be so paranoid.


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