Girls, if a girl likes a guy will she forget to text him?

I've gone out with this girl a few times and in person she at least acts like she's attracted to me but her texting ettiquette is horrible. The worst that it has ever been is a 4 day late response. She never initiates, but Im think I getting mixed signals. She has apologized in the past for texting late claiming that she often time forgets to respond to her own family and friends... Its frustrating smh


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  • Yes, girls can forget to text a guy she likes. I knew quite a few people who are horrible at replying to texts, even to their own boyfriends. So do not give up yet! Bottom line, if she is apologizing, then she is either
    a) Wanting an excuse to make for time to think OR
    b) is truly a bad texter.
    Hope this helps!

    • Thanks. Should I text her again after I know for a fact she has forgotten to text me back or should I wait for her to reply?

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    • Thanks for the MHO!

    • No problem 😊

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