How do you know if a guy actually cares about you?


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  • Every guy shows his affection in different ways. Some guys aren't very open about their emotions so getting a good idea on how they feel can be difficult. Other guys would probably tell you right out. I suppose you could tell if they liked you by their actions. Such as do they seem to enjoy your company? Do they normally want to hang out with you? Do they pay a little more attention to you than others in the room. Or do they say, do or give you anything that seems special, you know, something they wouldn't do for some random person or friend. I'm not sure about your exact situation so I can't really be sure, but I'd say things like these could probably tell you. Of course you could always just ask if you feel brave enough.

    • I'm deffo not brave enough! I don't know we've been seeing each other for over a year and I just don't know if it's going anywhere!

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    • Thank you!

    • You're welcome😁

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  • He seems genuinely concerned when you're upset.
    He tries to make you happy.
    He enjoys spending time with you.

    ... The way he looks at you. You're able to make his eyes light up.

  • He will show you his parents say i love u a lot send kissy emojis and act all nice not when they just want nudes ok

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