Did I respond too late or is he too eager for online dating? Should I apologize or let it be?

I started taking to this guy online last week Sunday. He seemed really interested in me and I was into him too. I messaged him the next day after each email he sent except for my last reply. His last email was Thursday morning and I replied back Friday night. I didn't want to come off too eager like I don't have a life but I think he took this as me being not interested. We shared like 4-5 emails that were going well because he would flirt and respond to my questions in detail but he never initiated to ask me any questions. I'm also older than him by 4 years and his online dating profile preferences are for someone 3 years younger than me. But, he did find me interesting to write so i didn't think anything of it.

He hasn't been active on the site since he sent that email to me when he was active daily. Is it worth it to write him again to apologize or it's not worth it?


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