Dating a much younger girl... can it work?

There is a young lady who works at a Starbucks hut that I go to every morning. We've chatted on several occasions and I'm really starting to like her personality. She is very beautiful and gorgeous. The problem is she is only 25 and I am 53. I want to ask her out on a date, but I feel like this would creep her out. I have a daughter who is 20, and this could also make things uncomfortable for her.

I've been divorced for 7 years and have been longing for a relationship again. I feel having this young girl in my life would rid my depression and make me happy again. That's if she accepts my offer to go on a date (s).

Should I try and ask her out, or should I go for a girl closer to my age?
Dating a much younger girl... can it work?
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