What's her game?

Bit of an odd one..

Been messaging this girl for 3 weeks, been going so well and really got on well. Last week we arranged to meet this weekend. I messaged her Friday, asking what the plans were tomorrow? She said I'm busy tomorrow was only free tonight, left it a bit late!! I said I have left the weekend free so could drive up tonight.. She said she is babysitting! I apologised and said I could meet her next week. She said she was looking forward to it but won't be a back up plan.. That's not the case that's why I asked what we were doing! I replied saying I'm happy to drive down next week and she hasn't replied!!
Shall I just leave it now? Was such a good laugh so came out the blue..! Only Monday she was saying how she doesn't understand how I'm single and how glad she was she messaged me..
She has been a little less chatty the last few days so not sure if that's because I hadn't mentioned the date or this is her way out?


She literally just text saying 'good weekend'?

What do I do
Thanks for the reply.. My gut is telling me she could be a player. She is very pretty! I just wonder wether she is dating other people and I'm just another..


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  • To be honest us females can be a little crazy! I think she's just being a bit over board to protect herself! Just carry on chatting like normal and see what happens! Don't let her mug you off but maybe just let this one slip as it sounds like she just over reacted! She probably regrets it hence the message but is too proud to admit she over reacted! Good luck


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