My date is unsure about me and its my fault! I'm so depressed. I need advice and explanations?

I've been with my date for 1 and a half months now and we get on with each other well. She says she likes me and I say I do (obviously) but there's one thing that is not elevating us to the next step, I have have never been open with her and yet she has. I called her yesterday asking what is going on and she was like, "I just feel like there's a wall between us and you never open up about your feelings, you're still new to me!" I went on to say everything about me in a desperate attempt to save us two but she says she needs time to take what I said all in as I said it in one go. She also said "Speak later?" in which I said "yes okay", its been 24 hours! I don't think she wants to move on because she would have told me but how long is later? Should I text her? Should I give her some time? I don't want to leave her :''( I think about her everyday!


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  • That sounds like an excuse to me. Move on and find someone else.

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