Guys, why is he going back to his ex all the time?

So Mike is my friend that keeps going back to his ex. So Roxy (let's call her that) is a girl that I know for a while now. She's free spirited, doesn't give a damn about pretty much anything, she looks like a whore and she acts like one too. Mike is aware of that and he called her 'repulsive'. She's also not very bright, she's a natural blond (by looks and smarts) and not a really nice person.. She talked shit about this guy my best friend liked and then started dating him herself. Also she has no sense of style, the girl is just awful. Mike used to date her last year, then he met this amazing girl and dated her for six months and then when she dumped him he got back with Roxy. Then Roxy dumped him FOR ANOTHER GUY and now that that guy is out of the picture they're back together. Can someone please tell me why? And its not about sex, because Mike doesn't care as much about that... he's more into romance and true love and stuff.


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  • Some people just can't stand being single. They get very lonely and will latch on to anybody that shows them some affection. Other times, we think things can go back to the way they once were. There was this girl that I was seeing who started texting me everyday. After a month of talking, going out and being intimate, we were thinking of being something more, but I soon found she was dating like 3 other guys at the same time and ended up starting a relationship with one of them. She even flirted with me and one of those guys one night at the same time. I should have seen the signs. There was a point when I'd text her and she kept responding to me with one word texts like "Cool", "Good", "No", "Yes". I would get angry and call her out on it but she'd apologize profusely saying she was busy (which she definitely was) and that she sucks and it would make me feel like a dick. She broke my heart because I liked her a lot, but I digress. The point is, she came with the good and the bad. Sometimes I'd like to believe we could get back to what we had at the beginning. If she texted me tonight and asked me to be her boyfriend, I probably would cause I'm an idiot even though looking at it objectively, I know it probably wouldn't end well.

    • I see... But the problem is I can't find one good thing about Roxy! Okay, yeah free spirited, doesn't give a shit blah blah... But seriously though? Oh and I heard that he still talk with that ex of his (the amazing one) on fb and he's under the impression that she's still into him, but he doesn't do shit about it? And he really cared for her. + This girl is so much better in every way then Roxy. Like what is his deal? I mean I think that he is one of those types that gets lonely fast for sure... but its not like he doesn't have another option? A far more better one?

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    • *not up to him

    • Well yes that's true but he showed me their conversation it really seems like she wants him back. Its just that he doesn't do anything about it. He prefers Roxy and I have no clue why.

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