Men do you want assertive women?

Most women are submissive. Do you want assertive women?

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  • i like submissive woman who obey the man who protect her hold her love her. they are inspiration.


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  • Speaking about men in general?

    Yes, of course we men love assertive women, that's very appealing to a man, however the point is the woman should be assertive only, but along with that assertiveness if she is arrogant, inconsiderate then the assertiveness of that woman when combined with not so positive or negative qualities then it ceases to be appealing, that is assertiveness ceases to be appealing to a man.

    However if the woman is purely and only 100% assertive, is considerate, allows the man to speak and express himself, takes his suggestions, opinions then this assertiveness will certainly appeal to any man on this planet!!.

    I mean this is only my opinion, of course I am saying in general, but subjectively it may not apply to all men.

    Yes even submissive women can be appealing to men in their own ways. Some men prefer only submissive women.


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  • In the middle. I dont want a girl thats condescending or agressive and turns everything into an argument. I hate the whole "my way or the highway" attitude some women have.
    Now, I also dont want a submissive girl who expects me to make all the decisions and never offers input. Id like something in the middle, a girl who is intelligent and can humbly express her opinions in a calm and polite way.