Is he blowing me off?

I met this guy and we have been dating/hanging out for a while. We know everything about each other and have told each other repeatedly that we like each other and want something more. I went home for winter break and we were in constant communication (via text) for the whole month while I was gone. We even planned a date for whenever I got back (which he blew off). I returned to school two days ago and asked if he wanted to hang out with me. The first night he said he was sick, which is fine, everyone gets sick sometimes but today I asked him again and he said he was hanging out with the guys. Is he blowing me off? And should I be worried that he may no longer be interested?


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  • Don't ask him "do you want to hang out sometime" or "Can we hang out later today"
    Make him answer a question like "What are you doing Thursday night?"
    Then suggest a specific activity and time and ask him if he's interested.

    Saying you'll hang out "whenever i get back" isn't really gonna get you that date.

    The stuff above is just basic dude-game, but I'm pretty sure it will help in your situation even if the genders are swapped.


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  • The thing about guys is, and especially in this day and age with all the Instagram girls,) they get distracted fairly easily. They don't spend too much time on just one girl. While he was talking to you he probably started talking to another girl. In the month you were gone, he probably started hanging out with her. Seems to me like he's awfully busy.

    I know I wouldn't pick friends over a guy I am interested in, especially if I haven't seen him for a month.