How to make her my girlfriend?

there's this girl I like and she likes me and we are very good friends we basically talk everyday all day.
But we meet mostly in school because we are busy people and maybe we meet up on the weekend for an activity we started doing. she's hell of a shy person and im just slow with the relationship stuff.
Long story short we will go in some days to do something kinda short in school and I offered her to do stuff after school which is probably gonna be eating at some fast food place. I want to make it official on this day between us that we are together. I suck at dating so lead me step by step. Basicaly i want to kiss her and this will kinda be the seal for us but if you people will give other suggestions im fine with that too. I know what i want i dont know how to get there, Please help!


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  • It sounds like you're SURE that she likes you, and I hope you are.

    If you're confessing to her, and you're in love with her, I'd strongly suggest you make it special --not in a McDonalds. I'm a shy guy as well and have really only confessed once and it really sucked, and know doing such things is extremely hard. Take her somewhere in town that's suitable for hanging out with a girl --not to the movies, or anything lame. Search for fun places you both can go and laugh a bit; have fun. Doesn't really need to be romantic either, could be a walk in a park. I'd suggest you hang out with her til night, and kiss her at night --now, the kiss.

    I honestly never liked society's standard for how a men should first kiss a woman. Even now a days some people just go for it regardless of knowing if the girl wants it or not. I see two options: confessing right when you're about to drop her off at her place, or confessing right before your night activity (what ever you plan) and keep going for the day as a new couple. Again, you want to make this day special for her; you love her. I'm guessing you want to kiss her right after/before confessing. Honestly, there are way too many ways of doing the actual confession, each suitable for their own situation: gazing into each other and going for it, followed by a "You have no idea how much I wanted this.", or if you're both really shy, first confessing something like "I've been growing feelings for you." followed by whatever nature makes you do. If you're comfortable with it I'd also suggest grabbing hands right before saying any word.

    Keep in mind this will be a day she will remember. As an example, I'm about to confess to a girl, by writing her an entire book of 'our' story and making her reading it. A bit too extreme though, but it fits my situation. So, think about it, and good luck.


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  • my only advise is to just straight up ask dude, if she is shy you making the first step is definitely a good idea and might relieve some of the stress she may be feeling towards having a relationship with you. As for the kiss, make her feels as safe as possible and then just go for it but if she's not feeling back out. Don't push her into anything she's not ready for.
    Hope my opinion helped =)

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