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Hey! First, I'm a french guy, so sorry if my English is not perfect!.. Two weeks ago, I start talking to a girl I met on tinder. I'm not really used to it, but I thought I could give it a shot! After a week and a half, I managed to go on a date with her. I ask if she knew how to ice skate, she told me yes and I told her I didn't knew how to, so she will have to show me! I thought it was a good idea because if the conversation didn't go well, at least we had something to do and because maybe we could have some physical interaction so she could help me. Turns out she was always ahead of me, couldn't touch her and she didn't really help me (so I basically learn myself haha). We talk together a lot, even go to a Starbucks and stay there for couple hours talking! The next couple days we text each other and tonight I just came back from her apartment after staying 5 hours watching movie and tv while talking on her couch. Good news, the cat likes me. Bad news, still didn't manage to get close to her. If I get closer in an natural way, she begging to crossed her arms and legs. And when I arrive, couldn't give her a hug (she was couple meters from me), and when I leave she stayed the other side of the table so no hugs for me! At no point I felt like I could touch her in any ways. Conversation was going well, even though I felt like my conversations we're a bit too much like if she was one of my friend. I feel very comfortable with her, and I think she is too. Do you think I should "force" things a bit by going strait to her and give her a hug next time? Or should I just not worry about it? Do you think she might be interested in me even if it seems like she don't want me to touch her? Should I ask her if she's interested in me as a friend only or as a maybe boyfriend? I'm 22, she's 20.


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  • Welcome to the American dating scene. Great isn't it?