Isn't it amazing how I am no longer depressed since a woman said yes to going on a date with me 5 days ago?

I was really depressed before. I thought no woman would ever go on a date me in my life since I am 24 and have been rejected every single time. Finally 5 days ago a woman said yes to going on a date with me. My depression is gone. I knew her for a month and a half online. She said yes right away when I asked her about going out with me. I just said''Do you want to go on a date with me?'' Never been so happy in my life. We are going out this Tuesday coming up.


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  • Damn dude you're on the brink of offing yourself, I suggest working on loving yourself and working on your life before you get into relationships because if you can't handle rejection you won't be able to handle a heartbreak

    • Wth are you talking about? She said yes to going out with me. First time a woman has ever said yes to me.

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    • Yea I understand, I just thought you were putting your faith into one chick lol but you basically got a confidence boost and that's way better

    • Yes. And by the way the date went well. We are going on another date.

  • It's not that surprising, but don't go overboard. Women smell desperation like men smell insecurity.

    • Great advice

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    • @ClassicRocker can you please respond to my last message?

    • @ClassicRocker wow you are an idiot.