Why men don't approach me?

All they do is telling me beautiful sometimes but no I want them to try to contact me in public, how is that?


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  • Because they don't want to get rejected

    • How I encourge them? I also look careless but I care, some guys attract me too bad we all fear reaction

    • Well the problem is guys really never know because most women are either bad at flirting or give off false signs. This causes men to be VERY hesitant. I would flirt with them and give them no doubt about your interest.

    • That's very True

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  • why dont you try approaching men?

    • I'm afraid of rejection, but I'm trying to firgure out how to approach them too

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    • Then I guess I've to start approaching

    • Why can i not upvote replies to comments?

      "Then I guess I've to start approaching"

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  • Well may be they do find you beautiful, attractive but that doesn't necessarily mean then think about being with you or actually do like you. I mean finding one attractive and wanting to be with that person whom they find attractive are two different things.

  • We've decided we're done making moves

    • Well I guess I'll start to ask how I approach guys then 🙈🙊

  • I don't know maybe they are shy?

  • what do you mean contact you in public?

    • Give me their Number it's happened once with A PhD lol he made excuse as if I need help

    • lol they usually try to get your number

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