Why she likes pictures on Instagram but doesn't reply to my message?

I met this girl on instagram. We've been texting for 20 days now. She looks very interested. She tells me about how her day was , asks me questions , we talk about everything and cares for me. She's been very busy due to which she always reply late but She sometimes likes pictures on Instagram but doesn't reply to my messages but replies very late (3-4 hr) saying sorry for late reply and answers my question. Why she do this sometimes?

I meant she is active and likes someone else's photo.


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  • she trying to tell you I'm interested in you but I'm busy, when she answer late so like ur pics like telling u "hey I'm there I'll answer u later I'm just busy"

    • Sry for confusing you but she likes someone else's pictures.

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    • Yes you are right, I confirmed this from her. So does that mean she likes me?

    • Thanks for MHO.
      Yes + She could be either busy or not in socializing mood As for me I Act i didn't read texts from people I like even if takes 3 days to reply. she trying to give u special time of her she don't want to have pointless conversation with u on her busy time. She cares 👌🏼

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  • Well may be she is the kind of person who take their own sweet time to reply, so are not very prompt at replies


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  • Maybe because she doesn't want to get into a conversation right now due to the fact that it's late. On another site, if I respond to someone's message, they message me back within a few minutes... and I'm responding back to be NICE, not to actually start a conversation.

    Look at it from her POV.


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  • I do the same thing, here's why I do it:
    Im not that interested in the person or at least not in the conversation we're having
    I just forget to reply. But if i really really liked the person, I probably wouldn't forget