My son can't get a girlfriend, is there any way I can help him?

So one of my sons (he is 23) has always had problems with girls--all of his friends and brothers have had several girlfriends whereas I don't think he's even been on a good date.

When his mother and I asked him if he was seeing anyone he told us that he was done with trying and that the pain and effort of trying for so long just wasn't worth it. To make matters worse his brothers have made fun of him by jokingly asking him if he is gay. He is much less emotional and much more quiet, reserved, and sullen then before and it seems to get worse during holidays when the family comes over and spouses and girlfriends are also there, which I gues smakes sense since he is reminded of what he's missing. He seems to be withdrawing into his computer.

I don't know why he's had trouble, but we're looking for a way to help him without being ovebearing, annoying, or embarrasing. Our eldest son said that recently he was really into a girl and thought the girl also liked him, but it turned out that he was just a backup plan at best and that the girl is now dating another guy instead. We think that this combined with the other rejection has hurt him and possibly made him depressed. Is there anything we can do that would help him move on, or should we just accept his decision and leave him alone?
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People, before you comment about the age thing, just realize that you're not required to enter in your real age. I enter in fake information to keep my privacy and protect my identity in case the account gets hacked.
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Lol people are still hung up about the age thing. I guess nobody has realized that you don't have to put your actual age on here. Its clearly impossible to make a new account with a different age, you guys got me. Since I can't lie about my age I'm obviously the son age 18-24. I mean come on people, get real, be serious.
My son can't get a girlfriend, is there any way I can help him?
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