Girls, What is the Best Way to Approach You?

Considering that I am about to hit the big 2-0 next month and have never had a girlfriend or dated, I've officially made a vow to start approaching women no matter what because I do not want to allow my youth to pass by.

That said, girls, what is the best way to approach you? Clearly it is all in the approach because I see guys who are less attractive and less ambitious than me getting with beautiful women simply because they know how to approach them. But I always fail miserably because I am shy.

Should I completely abandon my innocent nice guy attitude for the arrogant Dean Winchester lady's man persona? Answer honestly: would it work?

I'm tired of girls telling me that I'm so nice and innocent yet not dating me for those precise same reasons. All I know is that there are so many sexy women out there and that being a nice guy isn't getting me anywhere. So what is the best way to approach you? Is it the Dean Winchester attitude?


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  • The best approaches to me are when someone just smiles and says hi. You don't even need to linger around and make it awkward, just create a glimmer of interest. The more low key and less pushy you are the better. That's just what I personally like though and I'm just one woman.


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