I still have a crush on him even after 5 years?

This guy and i liked each other back in middle school in 8th grade and there were many coincidences. I continuously seen him at publix (grocery store) he would pop up out of nowhere and we just secretly look at one another. I feel the connection , and i feel something ! I still have the feelings for him that i had since i turned 14 and it was in 2012 . I don't even know whats going on.. On top of that every person i try to settle down with it never works out and its been happening all through high school. I tried to settle with someone outside of highschool but it became worse !

i went to snoop on his instagram page and i just had a flash back. I close my eyes to go to sleep and i seen a baby picture i kept dreaming about. I go on his instagram page and see the same baby picture i felt was there in my dream.

I wish i had the answer and able to see into my future because no matter how unattractive he was to other when he was younger... Now he's veryyyy attractive regardless its the same feelings. Not even on the topic of lookw just feelings itself !


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  • Wow he must had left a very good lasting impression on you if your still crushing on him now. I feel by your crush being very deep for him that it is hard for you to find a guy to crush on him like that.


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