Should I ring him after all this, or do I look needy and desperate?

I've known this guy for a year now and over the summer we became friends and have spent time together. He stayed at my house for 4 days last week (as his Dad and my Mum are together). We always play fight and ended up going to the gym together whilst he was here. There was also some making out and cuddling etc.
I've seen him a couple of times since he went home. Also, I have his number as his Dad asked me to call him for him, but he hasn't asked for my number... so it's a bit odd.
I asked him if he wanted to hang out before he went back to Uni, but he said he probably couldn't as he needed to revise but said that he would be back next Tuesday. When I last saw him, he asked several times what I was doing the next day but he never actually invited me to do something with him.
I'm wondering whether I should just ring him myself just to say hi and all that, or does it come across as desperate or something? Do guys appreciate that?


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  • I love being called by a girl that I like or even is just a friend. Guys like being wanted too!

    • Thanks, I made the call... it was a great decision :)

    • Good on you! Its not so scary is it. Making your intentions clear just makes communication easier if things progress. Plus it seemed like he was shy or unsure about you b4. Not any longer!

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  • Much appreciated. Help me!


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