What to do with this douchebag?

Hey guys, do I'll meet up with that liar of a guy who i dated as i found out he totally played me and everything was just a lie in 2 days for a last time to scream all his bullshit into his face cuz I'm still pretending i would be clueless.
So clearly I dont wanna let him get away with his shit so what are you ideas how i should handle this cuz he said he does only agree to a meeting when i come to his flat... (Probably he's looking to have sex then cuz he doesn't know i know everything already..)


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  • Well if that douche has another girl then u can call her to a date
    If he is looking for sex and doesn't has a girl then make him send u nudes and post them all over the internet
    Or u can simply kick him in the balls

  • I would say blame yourself and your sisters because guys like these are the only ones you will ever give a chance.

    Stop thinking with your girl-parts.

    I seriously have NO SYMPATHY for women who get played. Y'all set the terms of engagement around sex and relationships, and this is what you've created.

  • HAHAHAHA! Give him a fistbump from his fellow player TheHooptyMiata.


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