She hasn't texted back in a day. What should I do?

Ok, so I was going to ask this girl from work to my school dance. I arranged to meet with her after work on Saturday, but I chickened out and left early. I sent her a text Sunday morning apologizing for my action and she hasn't responded yet. I need to tell her today so that she can call off of work that day and not get into trouble. Should I follow up with another text simply telling her "Look, my plan was to ask you to my upcoming school dance. What do you think?" Or should I just forget the whole thing and go alone?

I don't know guys, I might just do it. I mean, how much will it hurt? The worst she can do is say no right? I need her to know today due to our workplace's strict scheduling policy. I would like more feedback though before hitting send.
"Alright, so I was simply going to ask you if you wanted to go to my school's sno ball dance on Feb. 6th. This isn't exactly the way I wanted to ask you, but I wanted you to know by today so you could at least call off if you wanted to go." Is what I'm planning on sending.


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  • Um.

    You should probably leave her alone for a while. Heavy issues should be reserved for telephone or in-person conversations. If you know she might have been hurt by what you texted, give her some space and wait to see if she eventually responds.

    If she does, offer to talk on the phone or meet up so that you can apologize or work out your differences.


    • Only problem there is we don't normally hang out or talk on the phone. This would be like a first date type thing. We live too far away to simply get together like that. I'll probably give her some space though.

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