Guys, Would you give me another chance after this crazy ending?

I had a fabulous first date with a guy I met online. We talked often for a few months before meeting up in real life. To be honest, he wasn't high on my priority list, so I didn't make time.

Fast forward- we met and I can't explain the immediate attraction I felt when I met him. Like bam! It was unexpected because I didn't have high hopes for the date originally. As the night went on and on, i felt like everything I was looking for was right here all along.

We laughed, played, talked, had so many ridiculously crazy things in common... I was happy. He invited me back to his place to play a card game I was telling him about. I didn't want the night to end, loved being with him so I said absolutely.

His place was more of the same, laughing, talking, teasing. He was a perfect gentleman the entire night. I'm looking at this guy while asking myself why on earth I waited so long to go out with him. Then I went all weird. In less than 3 minutes... I got really nervous out of no where, told him I had a great time, but it was time for me to go (out of no where,) stood up, got my keys, and he started to walk me to the door... my heart was basically beating out of my chest, and I said goodbye and closed the door on him. Like in his face. I DO NOT know what came over me or why I did that. No clue. I'm a public speaker, so I'm very rarely nervous. I've been on plenty of first dates. This has never happened. I didn't even understand why I was acting the way I did at the end.

He texted that he hoped I made it home safe. I didn't reply bc I was still in flight mode. The next day I finally mustered the nerve to explain myself and texted him an apology stating that I was sorry for the way I ended our date and that I just got really nervous and ran. Told him I'd enjoy seeing him again if I didn't scare him off. He replied that I didn't scare him away and he was glad I explained myself because he was confused as to why I closed the door on him.

i don't want to text any further because I don't want to add to the crazy. What can I do?

Guys, would you give me another chance? I really liked him. I just freaked. Out of no where.


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  • I think I would since we built up so much over the months through convo and then finally meeting. Even though that ending would have put me off a lot. I'm sure you have to make it up to me by being a fun date from start to finish next time while adding a nice hug and a kiss or two at the end.

    • That won't be a problem ;-)

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  • Yeah you basically got overwhelmed. Makes sense. Guys are much more simple than women when it comes to this. You explained yourself. If he accepted that and agrees to another date then you should stop overthinking it.

  • you absolutely have to text him and pay lots of attention to him otherwise he's gunna think ur stringing him along and aren't interested. Honestly I would have given up, not because i didn't like you but because i thought u didn't like me

  • "Played"? Huh?

    Yeah sure.

    • Games... Nothing physical. You wouldn't be weirded out. Nights going great and then the girl just dashes out the door? I told him I was nervous. Is that a turn off?

    • Oh I just didn't know what that meant.

      I'd be frustrated some, but I can understand it. I've given girls the cold shoulder just out of shyness.

  • I'd give you one more shot. Any more incidents and on with my life probably. I could use your assistance now!

  • What should you? Initiate a second date. Its really that simple

    • Ok. So, you think I should ask him to do something? Wait about a week? I don't want to come off clingy.

    • You're worried about coming off as clingy? You just came off as being not interested and playing games

    • I see what you're saying. Good point. Not a game player.