Guys, He said she's prettier than me?

Okay, I am completely okay with him thinking a girl is very pretty. That's fine, but the way it happened wasn't okay with me. So.. There were pictures on Facebook claiming to be an actress when she was younger and the lady was very attractive. I didn't believe it because although the lady looked similar I still wasn't convinced, not because I'm jealous or something but simply because I didn't think it was her. I said that to my boyfriend and he commented saying she had a fat ass. I just laughed. The next day I found the real photos and showed him saying I knew it! He tried convincing me the other lady was her, but I said no way! He said you just don't want her being prettier than you! ... ? Honestly, it makes me upset he really thinks I'm that insecure. Why would he say that? Completely unnecessary I think. I would never say a guy is more attractive than him.. I wouldn't want him feeling any less attractive, I think he should feel like he is the most attractive to me. So.. What should I really think of this? I feel like I should just not mind it but now it bothers me!


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  • He may want to get you jealous, that way you will get closer to him.

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