Is he really nervous or just a jerk?

There's this guy and these past few months I always feel him staring at me at work and my friends always catch him staring at me, he is just so quiet he never says anything. just recently I would look back at him and he would have a smile on his face so I assumed he wanted to talk to me he just didn't know how to start the conversation so I started to talk to him and he asked for my number, he told me he has been wanting to talk to me for a while. our conversations were really good he would text me all the time up until the day he asked me to go out.. Up until an hour before we were suppose to leave out to be exact... he didn't text me for 2 whole days after that not even respond to me asking him if he was ok.. and then on the 3rd day he texted me bright and early saying "goodmorning" like nothing was wrong. I asked him what happened and his only response was I'm sorry I thought I responded I'm going to make it up to you... I have been told I'm intimidating but during our conversations I didn't send off anything but good vibes and no negativity everyone keeps telling me he was probably just really nervous and stood me up but I should give him a second chance, what does it seem like to you guys?

  • Should I just drop him for the lack of an explanation on standing me up?
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  • Do I give him a second chance because he was nervous?
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  • Probably nervous and give em a 2nd chance.


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