6 months dating and living together for over a month.. barely have sex?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for close to 7 months and started living together beginning of December. Since living together I would say we have sex once a week... We were doing long distance before so I would only see him once or twice a week and we would have sex then, so this once a week thing seems to be a trend in our relationship. I feel like I always initiate it and for the most part get denied with excuses such as "I am too tired". I feel like my sexual needs are not being met. When I brought it up last night that we had gone an entire week and nothing... he said I would be more concerned if 3 weeks went by and we didn't have sex... 3 weeks? We are so new in the relationship and it makes me feel unwanted and undesirable. Any thoughts on the matter are appreciated.

  • Once a week is normal especially when both people are working a lot
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  • Once a week isn't enough and this shows there is an issue
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What Guys Said 2

  • Once a week would. Be a minimum I think. Your early enough in your relationship that you need to sort this out or move on. Mismatched sex drives is a huge part of relationship breakdown.
    Your not asking for to much at all. He should be very flattered you want him this much and your right to feel undesired.
    Please try talking to him very carefully explaining how important this is to you.

  • I would think the once a week trend would change seeing each other more. Seems that he doesn't have the sex drive that you have or want to put in the effort to keep your sex life vibrant and alive.


What Girls Said 1

  • People answered that it's normal. Honestly, I don't find that it's really enough.
    I myself have less sex than I used to because of work, because we're tired and have different schedules but even then we find time to do it more than that.
    I understand that we all have our own needs and we all see things differently but when you begin living together, you just do it a little more than that.