What should I do? He only has a cold/ the flu?

my boyfriend has the cold/flu since Friday.
I asked about him and took him 5-6 hours to respond back and only had contact ones a day...
i feel shitty as a girlfriend that he isn't responsive and i can't do anyting about it. such as go visit him...
i sent him a lovely text last night and said good night.. feel better...

noting from him.

i dont think its such a be deal that he would ignore me.
I am getting really upset over this :(


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  • Why can't you visit?

    • i don't know.. i have visited him before but he would get upset.
      if i am not hearing back from him and i show up... dont you think he would get upset?
      all i wanted is for him to respond to me, text or call... a little update would be nice. sigh

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    • just this weekend.
      other times we have a lot of contact.
      so i am not used to not talking/hearing from him especially when i wish i could be there for him...

    • Then I'd say his illness is the culprit. I wouldn't worry yet

  • Don't get upset... the guys sick! He likely feels horrible and does not want to bring you down because he is not feeling well.

    Just be supportive and nice to him and he will likely show his appreciation once he starts feeling better.

    • its only a cold. i have always wanted to be a supportive girlfriend. and be there for him... but he always turns me down. in term makes me feel like i am not a good girlfriend.

      when i was sick, he called and i would pick up. he made me food... etc... now i feel helpless...:(

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    • He knows a lot about me. I have cried in front of him. He knows my weakness and my struggles.
      He also has shed tears in front of me. But the "love" letters he sent me seem way too formal. I wish to have a love note with tender loving words from him. however, i can't ask like that :(

    • "This is why both genders need to work together and show more love and care for each." I read this from GAG from one of the members...
      How do you do that when you came from a broken relationship?

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  • Usually, when I'm that ill I'm not responding to anyone. In fact, I usually turn the phone off and lay around with my eyes shut cause it'll hurt to look at things for too long. So him not responding is fine, in my opinion.

    • when i was sick, he called and i would pick up. he made me food... etc... now i feel helpless...:(
      and not being a good girlfriend.
      wouldn't you want ur partner to be there when u don't feel good?

    • Absolutely, I can see where you are coming from, but people are all different when sick. Sorry you are feeling down, but it'll be passing.

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