Is it that big of a deal?

My boyfriend had his Facebook logged in when I went to use the computer. I decided to check his Facebook wall because I was bored. I don't have him as a friend on Facebook, so his wall isn't accessible to me. We agreed to a private relationship, but if I had had him on there, it shouldn't be a big deal. When he I looked at his photos, they were from 2011. Picture of him and his ex girlfriend and also baby momma. Tons of them. I was pissed because for seven months our relationship has been private because he doesn't want any issues with his daughter's mother, but at how he showed her off. And I feel deprived from that. I know I agreed to it, but now i realized I don't think I can continue being a "secret." He doesn't update Facebook often. I mean it's a very extremely rare circumstance if he does, but he always goes on to check every other day. When doesn't have much to do. He is fully aware of those photos being there, and he is fully aware that he is in a serious, committed relationship. I brought this to his attention because it bothered me, and turned the tables on me. He felt as if I invaded his privacy. I understand I did, but I had no intention to. But he has gone through my Facebook multiple times, and I never had anything to hide.


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  • "Is it that big of a deal? " If boundaries and expectations regarding each other's privacy were made clear prior to, then yes, it is.

    If, on the other hand, he has probed your account multiple times, it's reasonable to say it is not a big deal. As his actions suggested an unspoken accord implying as much.

    Perhaps he's more upset with your findings on his page, more so, I'd say, than the fact that you viewed his account.


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