Tired of my heart constantly breaking?

No matter how much I try it never works out. I try, I approach them, i do the beat that i can. I go to places meet people, i participate I'm different activities, nothing works out. I've never had a boyfriend. My heart always just breaks. My broken heart breaks again and again.. All i want is to fall in love


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  • Think about what you are saying you want. "All i want is to fall in love" is almost like saying "I will take any guy that I am attracted to if I can be in love." It may not seem that way to you. You might have discerning criteria and be more picky than that statement suggests, but basically what that statement is doing to you is this: You are focused on the idea of a guy and the thought of being in love. Who are you without that idea and why do you want it so much? My suggestion would be to focus on finding out who you are with, or without someone, and in doing so you will find out what you really want in a significant other. The potential to find someone more in tune with you and what you both want will become much more probable this way.


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  • take a break from all that and go do something else just for you.

  • Are you particular about meeting a certain type of guy?

    • Nope, just someone that we have chemistry

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    • They are generally smart guys that seem nice

    • So where exactly or at which point are you experiencing such challenges with guys? For example, are you experiencing challenges during the approach or the initial interactions with guys, or during the process after; after perhaps you've spoke or interacted with them multiple x's?

  • Spend more time getting to know a guy before you ask him out.

  • Is it because they break your heart? Or because it just hasn't worked out?


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