Do you think a girl would go out with me if all of our friends think we would make a great couple?

There is this girl that I really like, I've liked her from the moment I met her, but for the longest time I was convinced she liked this other guy, who we can call John, so I didn't do anything about it cause I dont have a lot of self esteem so I didn't want to compete with John. Well eventually John started dating one of this girls best friends, and as expected around that time she seemed super out of it for like 3 days, probably because she was upset about John. Anyway after a few weeks a lot of our friends started making comments about the two of us dating. They would sometimes tell us things like "You guys would make such a cute couple", or "You two should date", and things like that. I'm not sure how to react when that happens and apparently neither is she because we both are usually silent. Even John, who only hangs out with us occasionally, would make jokes about it. I'm not that close with him, but this girl still hangs out with him and so sometimes he will say things like "Hey you want me to go get (me) to take you on a date?" and he would do it in a somewhat light hearted tone so I could never tell if he was just messing with her or if he was serious. Sometimes I would see a couple of them talking and hear my name, so I would walk over and be like "hey I heard my name" and they would all just laugh and the girl would be like "Oh it was nothing" and then make up something that was clearly not what they were talking about. Do you think she likes me, or they are just messing with her? Would she say yes? I need to be 100% sure because I dont want to ruin anything, even beyond liking her, she is just such a fun person and I dont really want to mess that up by asking her out and getting rejected. No matter what people say, my awkward personality makes it near impossible to be friends with someone I get rejected by, I just can't make it work no matter how hard I try. What do you think about this?


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  • I do. In-fact I believe John, her friends, and your friends alike strategically attempted to boost your self-esteem to get you to ask her out by stating how great you two would be as a unit. I also believe she's into you and would accept an invitation from you.

    Ask her out.