Do you think this guy changed his mind about going on a date with me?

A guy I know asked me out to eat with him. He asked me if Saturday was good and I said yes, but it would have to be during the day because I have evening plans, which he said was fine. We never planned on the exact time, but I assumed he'd just contact me about it on Saturday morning.

Saturday came along and I still hadn't heard from him by 2pm. I asked him if the date was still going to happen, and he told me that he had to do an errand and go see a friend, and then he could come get me. I told him that by the time he was done, I'd have to be getting ready for my evening so we should just get together on another day. That was two days ago and he hasn't contacted me or attempted to reschedule. Do you think he lost interest already?


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  • It is possible he is just trying to figure out his schedule too, however it could be that he moved on. It is really hard to tell with so little info. I am sure one way or another you will have your answer sooner or later.


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