One date. Plans to maybe meet up in a month. Should I just wait and see?

Okay, so I met this great girl for a drink on the New Year. I think we had a great time and asked her the next day over text if she wanted to have dinner. She apologized that she had to work in another state for the next month and said she would like to possibly have dinner if I am still interested and single in February. So I have texted her a couple times and even though she is fairly busy she responds.

So basically this girl has been on my mind a lot lately. I definitely am into her even though we only had a couple hours together. It's been four days since I texted her and she hasn't texted either. I'm cool with that as we are both busy. My question is whether I should just wait until February to see if she is back and ask her out again, or should I still text her every now and then? Girls have any opinion on this?


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  • Let her come to you. If she doesn't... Then you know. If she does.. Even better. :-)

    • Interesting. Sure I'll give that a try.