Does he like me?

During Spanish class he always stares at me. When I look back at him he usually holds on to the stare and looks away. When I laugh, he stares. When I walk into the class, he stares. When I walk up to the bored he stares. Plus he never smiles and only talk to his two friends in our class. Tbh he has a mean face, but I still find him cute. I usually look down when he stares Bc my acne has really brought down my self-esteem. I never noticed he stared at me til my friend in that class mentioned it. I told her she was crazy until I peeped. What would he want with me I have acne, I'm black (I'm light skin though) and he's Hispanic (he looks Cuban though) and I have red pimple on my face and he's way out of my league. Plus he's a junior, I'm a freshman!


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  • Stares are really not very good evidence of a crush simply because one can never be sure what the person is looking at. Even if they are looking at you you don't know what they are thinking about. Are they thinking damn she pretty, damn she ugly, or what am I going to eat for breakfast tomorrow? You just can't tell.

    • Needless to say it is still possible he likes you just with the stares but you'd be better off if conversed with him to find more signs of attraction.

    • But you know when someone is staring at you, you feel it? But, you're right.