Social Media. What does it mean when a girl likes/comments on all your boyfriend's facebook posts? Girls and Guys opinions?

Okay so I'll start out by saying I use the term boyfriend loosely. We have been dating for 6 months, seem to be exclusive but I'm not going to say I'm 100% certain of that until we have the official conversation. I don't ever have any doubts that I'm the only girl he's seeing, except for the past few months I've noticed that there's this one girl on facebook that seems to like, and frequently comment on, almost everything he posts. Maybe I'm being paranoid but it makes me wonder if there's something going on between them. She lives in a different city than us but he does travel a lot so it's possible I suppose... Do you think maybe it's just a girl that he knows that maybe has a crush on him so she comments/likes everything? I think she's a bartender in a club he goes to... would a girl feel comfortable liking and commenting on the posts of someone she's partied with and possibly flirted with but doesn't hook up with or do girls only comment frequently on guy's facebooks if they are hooking up or are an item? I'm not very active on facebook so I don't know what's normal.


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  • Well technically people post on other people's posts if they know each other. It's possible that they simply became friends or something. It happens! Even without boning, or without intention to bone.


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