Will we ever date officially or is he playing games?

I've been "talking" to this guy for about 2 years off and on, last time he said he wasn't interested though we would talk on the phone for hours, had lots in common etc. He said before tha
Sometimes I tell him that i'm talking to other guys or that i have dates sometimes its true others not. So today we were talking and he said "why would I take u out and u talk to other people that's silly" I told him because maybe, he'd think ohh i better get on it and take her out before she gets with someone else" Like if he really likes me i feel like he'd REALLY be on me. We recently reconnected on social media and he asked for my number after NOT communicating since like end of August. I really like him but like if he's not asking me out there's other men out there! But his thing is he said he dosen't "compete" with other guys for women's attention, that i'm like the queen bee having my pick of who I want and he dosen't like that! But if HE's not making a move wth! I'm confused and I do want to date him!


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  • I get both sides. He seems to be the kind of guy that if you're talking to him, you should only be talking to him. I don't know what you both said when you both asked what you were looking for, but he probably feels like he's being played.

    Put yourself in the situation that he's in. If he's talking to other women AND you, you wouldn't think that he was being serious, I'm betting, right?

    It was a bad move on your part in my opinion to start talking to other guys while you two were getting to know each other. It's like you're trying to manipulate him to "make a move" and tell him he wants you.

    Essentially, YOU need to show him by completely eradicating the other dudes and focusing your attention on HIM that you only want him and not other guys. He needs to see that (and get proof) before you can move on.

    • Thanks so much for your advise I appreciate it and it really gives me a good idea of how he feels.

    • You're welcome!

  • I honestly think you're the one who plays silly games.
    The only way you can solve this is to ask him out yourself. Then you have your answer and know what to do.

    • hmm that's your opinion I just feel like if he really wanted me he'd ask me out and hv the attitude I'll hv her like me more but i do see what u mean.. I may need to ask him I just don't want to be rejected like before.

    • I understand that, but I think you've been chasing this guy for too long without any clarity and this is the only way to know where you stand so you can either focus on him or move on. Good luck.

    • thanks I appreciate that

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