If a guy says he's liked by girls who he has no interest in and never liked by girls he likes, is he right or is he just being negative?

He's quite a negative person

  • He's right
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  • He's being negative, when he likes a girl he overanalyses and focuses on signs she doesn't like him and misses signs she's interested
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  • That truly depends. He might not be attracted to the women he meets. That truly might be his situation so he's "stuck". It could also be that he's completely CLUELESS as to the signs that some women are shooting at him (there's evidence of this on this site).

    • How can he be clueless?

    • Lol. Really? Some guys don't understand that if a woman is looking at you for prolonged periods of time continuously, smiling at you, twirling her hair/fixing her clothing while still maintaining eye contact and more obvious signs of body language that she clearly is interested.

      I asked a question on another site geared to men about what he would do if his wife asked him to toss her salad if they were eating salad. Plenty of men said "I don't know what she's talking about", ignorant of the sexual innuendo.

      Everyone has to decipher some type of body language daily so it shouldn't be difficult to get accustomed to signs.

    • Smiling could just be her being nice though. And looking could just be curiosity.

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