What does it mean if he says let's be friends, but he still wants to hang out and he texts me everyday?

I've been talking to this kid, for awhile we have hung out and he is too good to be true we both enjoy music and such and such. he only seems to want to hang out when its convenient for him though. so finally he said I want o be friends and I said no. and finally I said alright.. as soon as I start ignoring him he starts talking to me again. now that were just friends he talks to me everyday and wants to hang out so what does this mean? does he secretly like me or?


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  • Just as YOU said, at his convenience. Ask him! Don't let him string you along then he will have the best of both worlds. The freedom to check out other people while having you as backup. Take the reigns and take control. C'mon if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...it is a duck. You already have a gut feeling go with it!