I've been told he's asexual. Is there any chance for a relationship?

I really do like him, but I feel like it's pointless. How do I bring up my feelings and his possible asexuality (he never verbalized it to me). As for me, I'm open to dating him as sex isn't a huge factor in relationships for me.


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  • You have been told that he is asexual? Well by whom? Do not just believe whatever other people tell you, those can be rumors also, you should be upfront and ask him in private, as to what the truth is and you should believe him only.

    Well, if he is indeed asexual, and you are not then it will be a big problem especially for you and it may affect your relationship if you decide to have one with him. Yes, unless you are also asexual then it's another story.

    Wait,, you said sex isn't a huge factor in relationships, right? I will agree with you on this one, I also believe the same. Having sex might be just one way of showing love but that is not the only way, so yes you're right, a relationship can be very successful even without sex involved in it.

    Now, for example if you are a person who believes in having sex but this guy is asexual, since you said that, so he will never have sex in that case, so then it will be a big sacrifice on your part to let go of your desire for having sex, what do you think about that? did you think on those lines? I don't think one can just sacrifice their desire for sex just to be with that one person who is asexual?, I mean I have not read or heard of cases like that, so I guess must be rare

    You need to ask yourself, are you also asexual like him? are are you not?, because if you are not then it will be a challenge for you, a big challenge.

    However two asexuals can easily have a relationship together because both will never want sex in their lifetime. Hence you need to think on these lines and more importantly you must try to find out the truth as to what you have heard about him is true or not.

    The best way is to ask him, talk to him about it. That will my honest suggestion

    • A few of his friends disclosed it with me. Not sure if he told them or not. However, based on some things he very well could be. I did consider every question you raised in your response. I'm not sure if I am asexual myself, but I never have desires to engage in sex. I also don't find men sexually attractive, I'm more attracted to personality and how they treat others. With that said I definitely like men. So maybe I just have a low libido?

      I have been told to talk to him, but I feel like it's a sensitive topic and not sure if he would want to talk about it. Thanks for your well- thought out answer. I appreciate it.

  • You said sex isn't a huge factor... weird but who told you? Ask him about it

    • His friends suspect it and I do too based on stuff. I feel like it's pointless because he may not want anything to do with relationships. I also don't know how to bring it up.

    • In a text but over an audio or facetime would be better

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  • Just because he's asexual doesn't mean he's not open for relationships, he's just not open for sex. If you like him and want to know if it's true then it may be best to ask him if what you heard is true or not.

    • True. I just feel like it's a super sensitive topic and don't want to offend him.

    • True. You could always start out on seeing if he would be interested in dating first. If things go well and he really is asexual I'm sure he would tell you in case you change your mind because of that.