Is it possible for a guy to be staring at you all the time without being attracted to you?

So me and this guy had a thing, we didn't date but there was a little thing we had for eachother. He is my friend but we are more like strangers. I thought this guy was out of my mind but today I unavoidably touched him. We met at the place where we buy snacks in school which is usually crowded. When I got my snacks and wanted to move out, he was the one behind me. He had to move back a little bit and so I passed backing him (I'm so scared of looking into his eyes). Our bodies collided and since then I've been thinking about him. We make eye contact all the time. I'm always the one who breaks it first coz I'm so shy. Please forgive my English if there are errors, I'm not a native speaker.


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  • Please kys your probably 11 years old, your questions make no sense


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