Dating after again?

So it's been over a year since my last relationship my ex has already moved on and had a baby. And I really want to date, but I've never really dated before. My past relationships have been with guys who started off as my friends and after our feelings grew we just starting going out. Soooo... There's this guy that I like. I'm just not sure how to go about it. I'm also not sure if he's even interested in dating right now. We told each other that we liked each other when we were younger, but I'm not sure if he feels that way now. How do I see try to see if he still has feelings for me now that we're 25 and not 16 anymore?


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  • Well, it's a big step for you and try taking things slow. Kudos for moving on. First, find out if this guy is single then, try kickstarting your friendship again. There's Valentine's day next month. So you can casually ask him out if he's free. Valentine's day is a huge deal but there's a good chance that people don't turn down dates on Valentine's day. So good luck.

    • Thanks it was easy having to deal with a fiance leaving and then find out some girl is pregnant only a few weeks after the breakup. But I'm starting to look forward to meeting someone new. I'm learning that im more of a shy person when it comes to dating. I guess I'm use to guys coming up to me and initiating conversations but this guy is nothing like that and I'm real nervous about being shot down. We talked a little and he said that he would take me out to this restaurant/karaoke spot he likes to go to, but he never said when. How do I take it from there?

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    • 4 days ago.

    • Try bringing it up when you two talk next time. Say something like you want to try Karaoke or something. Be subtle. If he likes you, he'll take the hint and ask you out.