Why do guys with girlfriends stare at you?

I've found myself in these situation numerous times in college. There's a guy in my class over the course 1-2 years who seems to constantly make eye contact with me and yet it goes no where. Now I am not talking about being paranoid and assuming that he is staring at me I mean my friends have even been able to point it out.

Eventually they get a girlfriend and yet continue to stare at me and I am just wondering why?


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  • Just because he has a girlfriend doesn't mean he doesn't like other girls. He obviously likes you, but maybe thinks you are out of his league or maybe he is just shy or he doesn't want to disappoint his girlfriend. It could be many reasons, but he definitely likes you.

    • I'd just assume that he is now with a girl he likes and would no longer need to stare at me it's just weird to me so you think he's still interested?

    • Also why not just try to talk to me?

    • I think he is still interested and maybe he is just shy. Maybe try to smile at him or give him a sign that you like him. It will give him more confidence to talk to you.

  • Us men never stop looking is the nature of the beast

    • So do you think he's still interested even with a girlfriend? I mean was he even interested to begin with? If so why not try to speak to me?

    • He prob does like you but maybe he was to shy to seal the deal back then, but maybe your beauty catches his eyes still but he has a girl now so it prob won't happen you guys hooking up. There is no law against checking beauty out even though we are taken so we still look

  • Ok possibly doing it because they're vain and like to revel in the fact that a girl in their class likes to make eye contact with the also possible and more probably that these guys haven't figured out how to talk to girls/approach girls/ask girls out that they are attracted to. The reason they get a girlfriend and continue to stare could be because they still want/wish they could do something with you & their current girlfriend sort of just 'happened'.. You could have just 'happened' if you asked one of them to study, for example.


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