Girls, Are girls intimidated by hot men?

Now, I am not saing I am hot or anything, but I just recently joined this dating website where woman can rate you, like you, message you, etc.. The weird thing is that the less attractive women would rate me lower than the hot girls. The less forunate looking women would rate me 5/6/7's, and the actual hot girls would rate me 8's and 9's. I know everybody has their own preference, but I have had women tell me that I am a perfect 10 (I am not!) The thing is girls that live among me ignore me. Do you think myabe because they don't trust me? Why do hot girls think I am really cute but not the less fortunate? Are they just upset that they won't have any relationship with me? I am not cocky, I just cannot date every woman in the world, nor would I want to because it is adultery! So girls, are you intimidated by hot guys? What can I do to make the right girl trust me? I want to be in love, not infatuated!


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  • So, what link takes us to your pictures, exactly? :P

    At 15, hot guys were the only ones who could make me super nervous. I was so busy trying to play hard to get, I might have pushed some away. Girls acted so silly, and gushed over them, and my pride didn't let me act like another crazed fan.

    At 28, I'm fearless. I make it a point to approach any hot, interesting looking guy. The hotter you are, the more intimidated I feel--the more I want to conquer my fears. I'm a rare species of a girl, probably only in the top 12%.

    • Well, I am kind of shy posting it here. I might be a 8 or 9 with other girls, but maybe a 5 with you. Who knows!

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    • ? It's on my profile.

    • That's just one picture. I cannot really see how you look like by just one picture!

  • I think some people are intimidated by attractive people but not so much that someone attractive would never receive attention.

    • Well II believe I may be too shy! I use to catch women staring at me at times. Especially in high school. In almost every class there would be at least on girl I would catch staring at me at times!

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    • That was adorable lol
      Nothing wrong with that kind of approach, it was cute.

    • haha, thank you!

  • No they are human too, sometimes i am just not attracted to them.