How to make a guy trust you?

Almost all of my boyfriend's ex girlfriends have cheated on him so he's constantly afraid I'd do the same and has become very jealous. He gets jealous even when I talk to his male friends. I love him and will never ever cheat on him. What can I do to show him that? I let him use my phone, laptop, etc. with all messenger apps signed-in, facebook loaded and so on, even when I'm not around. I always ask him to come with me when I go out with friends. I tag him on romantic posts on my facebook wall, for all my friends to see that I'm with him. He still gets very jealous sometimes and I've run out of ideas how to comfort him.


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  • Do not enable him in his jealousy. His jealousy should be his problem, not yours. You do not have to submit to it. The more control you will give him, the more he will take. It's not good to you. Stop playing the game and act like he was not jealous. He is the one with the problem not you. He is the one who has to change, not you.


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  • Stop being your a Honey Bunny, sweetie, and Stop Enabling him to Continue To... Run out of ideas.
    You Need to stop the madness or this relationship, which isn't all that healthy right now, will end up In... Sadness down this full circle problem pattern path.
    There isn't much more you can do but give him blood. He is pulling on your pity wagon strings and expecting you to ride every inch of the way because he this insecure with no cure who is so scared he is going to lose Out again for the Constant time around the Mulberry beating and cheating bush.
    Sit him down and time to talk turkey to Tom. Tell him he Needs to stop the nonsense or you will be force to take a Break. Tell him it is not called for, it's not healthy, and this will Only cause a problem where you will end up walking and giving him his walking papers if this ends up driving you crazy in the end.
    This little piece of tough love may not be one with handling with kid's glove but it just Might work, hopefully as you hold this wishbone in your hand.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you here, dear, for the Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • You could try not talking to other guys

    • Yeah, well... all my best friends are male, so it's not that easy...

    • he probably won't ever trust. He'll probably always need to be around to see that you aren't cheating.

      If having him around all the time doesn't appeal to you then maybe you don't like him that much.

    • Maybe not never. But definitely will take a very long time to trust again.

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  • The stuff yr doing isn't helping. In fact, it's probably closer to the opposite -- yr just maintaining his consciousness, on some level, of the whole issue.

    There's no quick fix here, so don't hope for one, and DEFINITELY don't **try** for one. This is gna have to be one of those "Time heals all wounds" things.

  • You just have to let him learn to trust you on his own, you can't MAKE someone trust you. And if he never reaches that point then he needs to realize his inability to trust people is negatively impacting his relationships.