What up with this when she gives you her number, but hardly talks?

She tells you she's not available because of work and i know the line of work she is in it takes up most of her time.
She told me she's focusing on work right now.
She works in a wearhouse during the week and then travels to running expos on the weekends, pretty much working all week long.
Said she didn't have time for a relationship. (I understand that i told her)
Said she was shocked when i asked for her number.
With all that said.

She said that with me texting her takes up to much of her time.
Said for me to just text her once a day.
Well i really dont play by the rules.
I still text her a couple times and when she's free after work we talk a bit.

It is a good sign that even with all said above that?
Im kinda pushing it on a lot of things.
Did the dumbest thing you can do and send drunk texts lol...
"Do you sleep naked?" lol...

For you ladies out there, is she just being nice or keeping me around for when she is available?
Cause i really dont see a woman continue to talk with me with what i have said or how much i have bugged her.


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  • Meh, girls who are focusing on careers are pretty boring. To me it's ambition aimed in the wrong direction.

    Plus, nothing wrong with being persistent, but it doesn't look like it's working and you probably are just beating a dead horse. You don't want to chase her, you really want it the other way around. If she isn't chasing, she's not going to get interested. I would back off some or even quite a bit and see if she comes for you.

    And by the way, thanks for the 'do you sleep naked' bit. I am gonna have to remember that question for some future unsuspecting lady.