Is my boyfriend losing interest, how much longer can this last?

My boyfriend of 2 years that I love more than anyone ever and I have been with the longest. We are both almost 30, marriage has been discussed and will come in the next year or so. However I have doubts big ones. I am madly in love with him and do everything for him. We live a good distance apart and I set aside nights to drive to see him, when I arrive he is asleep somewhere on the sofa and someone has to let me in the house, I have to wake him up only for him to fall asleep or play on his phone a majority of the time I am there unless of course I am giving him action. That's ab the only time he puts everything aside and pays attention to me. He never takes me on dates, we do what he wants to do and he likes to lay around sleeping. He works and goes to school so I always just let it go. But for the past I don't know 5 months, when I don't drive to see him he verily talks to me no good morning text no nothing we call and talk for 5 mins and get off the phone bc there is nothing else to say. He falls asleep and doesn't tell me goodnight and I wake up and do it all again. I have literally expressed my concerns nicely, aggressively and ultimatuimly that I feel alone and he doesn't talk to me and I tell him in detail what I need and what I am not liking and how it makes me feel. He literally says any excuses and if I keep talking about he will hang up on me. I am frustrated, I am giving so much to be in this and want this to work, we have moments randomly where I really feel hope he will say something or do something that makes me believe it will work but more and more he doesn't seem to care. Like when I drive an hour to see you be awake and hug me and greet me, if we don't see each other call me for at least 20 or so mins, say deeper things to me, text me good morning good night. Set an alarm to not fall asleep and call to say goodnight I know that takes effort but when u love someone you do that. I told him I don't sleep well when he doesn't say goodnight but now it's almost everyday. Whenever I try and talk ab all this he says nothing and I don't know and gets very frustrated with me. I feel like he isn't into me idc how many times he tells me he loves me. Am I right or have I done something? He thinks we're great and I think we're on the verge of a break up... help


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  • Yeah he's losing interest and it'll probably be over in about 3 months tops >_<

  • How far away do you live?

    • 40 mins but i work till 7pm m-f

    • are you afraid of asking him because it will give him an out?

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