Is he really that busy, or is he ignoring me? Last week, a guy I kind of know, added me on FB & started up a conversation on the messenger?

We started to get to know each other & couldn't believe how much we had in common & he even said "this is awesome! I hope you know you've made a friend for life, we have so much in common! You're such a great person & so nice, & fun to talk to!" He works 12hr days & drives most of the time, so I know he is busy at work. I told him not to message & drive, to just message me later! He said "I make many stops, so we can keep talking; text me!" & gave me his cell number. We texted off & on for the next few days, & then his friend came down to see him so he was spending time with him; understandably so. Friday day we were talking about his friend & how they played Chess, I said "I've never learned that." he said "I'll teach you!" The weekend came & I would have thought I'd hear from him more, but Friday night - nothing. Saturday morning I sent a "good morning sunshine!" text & got "hey:)" but very little after that; he did finally send me a "I'm sorry I've been falling asleep & being so quiet lately. Work has me swamped, & my friend is down & I'm having a hard time managing my time. I feel bad." So, there was a little glimpse of hope. Sunday Morning I texted "Good Morning, Hun!" & couldn't believe the response back: "Hi Gorgeous" I was thinking to myself "did he mean to send that to me? Oh My Gosh!" I didn't know if I should make a big deal out of it, so I just said "busy weekend, I assume? Just wanted to make sure you are ok!" He said "I've just had so much crap going on, but I am okay!" I sent another message & never heard back from him.. Maybe he thought I was someone else, or got texts confused. Yesterday morning I said "Good Morning Handsome!" & got a "hey:)" I asked "were you serious about teaching me Chess?" I'd love to learn" I haven't heard a single word out of him since. I sent him a message today "Hey, how are you?" Nothing. Am I being to sensitive? Am I being ignored? What should I do?


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  • actually I think you're on point with this guy. however some guys have a lot of friends on their phone such as girl friends platonic or semi around the bases per se. I think the real trick here is to take it with a grain of salt and leave the door open for future platonic Chit Chat and develop your own Friends Network where you can enjoy other interesting personalities friends or whoever.


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