What does dating mean to you?

There are varried opinions on what dating means to people today. Some people are very casual in their definitions while others fall to another extreme and think that just because you go out once or twice you're going to get married.

in my opinion, dating is like a trial run to a relationship. You get to figure out the quirks/traits you like about each other, the quirks/traits you don't, and whether or not the combo is suitable for a long-term relationship. You iron out the details of how a relationship *might* work with each other, then move on to the next level (or declare a "game over" status and try again with someone more suitable). Do I have it all wrong?


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  • Finding someone to spend my life with.
    No that doesn't mean that every girl I end up dating I'm trying to marry, dating is the process of finding the right person.


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  • As a man, my personal opinion is that dating is a really tedious, time consuming process. Too much efforts for too little returns, especially for men. It's just a numbers game for us. Keep asking women out until the 10th, 20th or 50th woman eventually says 'yes' for a date, which can also be due to sympathy.

    I just don't like playing this stupid numbers game, and iterate over women to get a yes. That's the reason I haven't even attempted to date too much over the last 5 years. Unfortunately (or fortunately), my skin isn't thick enough to keep shrugging off rejections until someone says yes.

    • 50TH? Oh my. That does seem tedious. Well, try to fast forward a little to when you do actually get to start dating a girl. What's the value of that date?

      On a separate note, perhaps it's the girls you're looking to be with. If you look for girls who are more compatible with you in terms of your interests and know-how, perhaps then you wouldn't be going through all the dramatic number game issues you're describing. Or possibly your opening line is either too abrupt or too subtle for girls to pick up that you're actually interested and not just trying to get another notch on your belt. (Remember that the girls you're asking don't know your dating record and possibly get approached too often by cads and 1-nighters so they may seem ruthless but they're perhaps protecting themselves as you are...)

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    • I have to REALLY harden myself to be able to do that. I have thought of approaching women many times, but when it's actually time to do that, My legs tremble, my palms sweat and I start stammering. SO I just chicken out at the last minute. Women intimidate me too much. :(

    • The right girl won't have that effect on you. You'll naturally be comfortable speaking with her...

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  • To me dating exclusively is like seeing someone, not yet have I defined the relationship but I'm seeing where it is going and if it will progress into calling them my boyfriend. Otherise, just means going on dates etc.

    • So there's a line between "dating" ("just going on dates") and "dating exclusively," which makes sense, but isn't the latter more of a "relationship" at that point?

    • yeah Id say. it varies for some people thats why communication is 100% necessary

    • That's what I thought, but then I dated a fellow who wanted to run a "stats check" at the end of every date, which I thought was cute and strange at the same time. "So are we dating now? So are we in a relatinship now?" It seemed a little strange compared to what I'd heard about guys not liking "the talk," but then again he was the first fellow I'd ever really dated. (Obviously, while I know I haven't dated much it's clear that he hadn't either, though he claimed to have had quite a number of "girlfriends" in his past. 15 before me -- he had stats for all of them.)