Does my ex boyfriend love me or care?

It's a really long story, but im going to try and make this short. Basically, my ex used to live in arizona with me, but we had a huge fight. He moved to New york, and while he was their, he messaged me after about a month. He told me he loved me for the first time when he never said that before. We have been talking for about 2 months now, and we are back together. He says all these nice things and says how much he loves me and how much i mean to him, etc. He told me that he is coming back to Arizona yesterday, telling me that "the main reason i want to come back is because of you." When he gets here, he is already seeing other girls (that he says is his friends.) And he has a lot of friends. The thing is, when he was in New York, he talked to me all the time because he didn't really have anything else going on. But now that he is in Arizona, he has a lot of friends, and is always going out to parties, etc. I feel like he wouldn't put in any effort to see me. If i do, he might just use me. If im his girlfriend, aren't i supposed to be seeing him a lot, and him not always going out with other people all the time? He never texts me anymore, he's always busy with other people. He's 19, and im 17. Please help. I can't let go... ugh


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  • Your just the go to girl when he's bored... no matter what if he liked you he would be with you, he isn't making an effort so why should you? 17 years old huh.. I'd kill to be that age again! heartache never lasts long...

    Here's what to d
    1- grieve
    2- change number
    3- give him as much headspace as he gives you...
    4- you can do so much better

    • its so hard to let go from the start I knew I desered way better He sALWAYs partying and doing drugs, and It's all words but no action. I don't even know why I can't let go.. its so annoying

    • He does drugs-how to let go of this one, imagine him in 10 years time with not a tooth to his head or his teeth rotton and his face sunk because of drugs... you don't have a pot to pee in because he's took all your money and spent all his to fund his habit.. imagine you using up best years of your life heaped on a floor crying your eyes out because he's off to get drugs and party while you the ever loyal girlfriend sits in skint (no money) with barely a friend to talk to because they don't like him and You spend all your time defending so they don't want to hang out with you anymore? Do you see how it will end up? look what it's doing to you now... he is a bad man, you are worth so much more than him... x believe me I know I've friends who are druggies they pop out kids, don't work and borrow constantly in their run down hovels of homes.. and yeah most of them their teeth are rotted... me I work hard don't bother much with them and pity them from afar...

    • yea, he is 19, and he is still living with someone He doesn't have a car either. I don't even know when he's going to move out, he doesn't have a job. I left him last night and he didn't even care... Anyway thanks for responding :)

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