Does he like her >>>?

ok so basically i liked this guy for a while and found out that he liked me to, and now we are dating. but i can't help think he might have feelings for another girl, i mean he always is so sweet and nice to me, but whenever we are around her he acts diffrent. He brings her up in at least half of our convorsations, and he sits next to her in class and they always talk. To make matters worse i think she likes him. I feel really bad for asuming all this, but its really stressing me out... (also i dont know if this is relevant, but im 16, and clicked on the wrong age in the begining)

  • does he really like me... or
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  • does he like her and is he just playing me...
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  • See I dont know your situation very well
    But still in these kind of cases we assume wrong things and start hurting ourselves.
    Most probably you are thinking way too much and that guy seriously likes you!
    Dont doubt his loyalty you will end up loosing him👍🏻


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